The weekly forecast of horoscope based on planetary placements for the period 10th – 16th January is estimated to be as under:


As Mars will be in Sagittarius up to 16th January, you will get rid of the ongoing chronic disease up to a great extent. The presence of mercury In Capricorn with Saturn in your 10th house makes you harder than usual in your workplace. With Jupiter in the 11th house, you will come into contact with important people. Possibilities of favor from the government as the sun will come in Capricorn on 14th January.


Some health issues will be there but they will resolve. However, do not neglect as mars will be in Sagittarius in your 8th house. Sun will come to the 9th house and will be with Saturn and mercury. You will experience ups and downs in your love life. Normalcy shall however return. Unfavorable for businessmen. Control your anger as mars in the 8th house.


Keep your health in control. Saturn and Mercury are in Capricorn and the sun will transit in the 8th house on 14th January. Take a good diet. Career-wise good period as Jupiter in 9th house. Service people will get transferred to the desired place, get reputation and promotion in the workplace. This is from mid-January. Business partners will be in a good relationship.


Sun will come to 7th house on 14th January so married people shall have cordial and good relations. Working people need to be careful in the workplace. Avoid getting into conflicts. Pay attention to your partner’s health. Jupiter in the 8th house will bring challenges. The week will be filled with expenses before 14th January as the sun is with Venus in the 6th house. Try to save money. An elderly member of the family may face health issues.


Average week health-wise. Mercury and Saturn in the 6th house of Capricorn with the sun transiting in Capricorn on 14h January may result in stomach health issues. Rahu in 10th house – likely promotion in the workplace. Avoid an egoistic attitude to get support from colleagues. You will conquer your enemies. Before 14th January conjunction of venus and sun in 5th house improves your love relations. Spare time for life partner as Jupiter in 7th house. Good week for children.


The conjunction of Saturn and Mercury in the 5th house will cause minor health issues. Jupiter in the 6th house can give you fat-related problems. Good for working employees as the influence of mars on 10th house. You will complete your work in time. Before 14th January, the aspect of the sun on 10th house will help you in hard work in the workplace. Those in business will expand and maintain good relations with business partners. Some trouble in love life due to Saturn and Mercury in the 5th house.


You can face problems related to face, throat, back, teeth because of Rahu in the 8th house. Due to venus retro in 3rd house, conjunction with the sun in the week. Negative behavior will be there so try to remain positive. Your work shall increase this week. You might get a promotion as an aspect of Saturn on the 6th and 10th house. Unmarried people in relationships shall face ups and downs. Jupiter aspect of 9th, 11th, and 1st house will relieve you from mental stress.


You might suffer from blood pressure or abscess due to the presence of mars and Ketu in 1st house. Careful while driving or simply walking in this week. Can earn reputation and respect at the workplace because of Jupiter. You will introduce your beloved to your family members. Chances of approval are high. Professionals will enjoy a good time.


Mars in 12th house and venus and sun will be on your sign. Mercury and Saturn on the 2nd house are not favorable for health. Issues related to eyes, legs, mouth, teeth. Favorable week for my career. Working professionals will improve their circumstances. Avoid being lazy. Lovers will face a hard time but after 16th January mars will change its sign and strengthen a love relationship.


This week is good for health. Maybe some eye-related issue before 14th January because of Venus and Sun in Sagittarius. Venus 10th lord in 12th house can allow going abroad. Get success through hard work. Maintain good relations with seniors. Not a good week for love-related matters because of Rahu in the 5th house. Sun transit in Capricorn on 14th January will come on 1st house so good for government employees. Business people will also do good.


As Saturn is in the 12th house and the sun will also transit on the 12th house on 14th January, your health will be poor. Digestion may be affected. Uncertainties in terms of career this week. Need to be extra careful about the job due to the presence of mars and Rahu in the 10th house. Avoid conflicts with colleagues and maintain good relations. Business people will enjoy a better week due to the presence of Lord of 7th house sun in the 11th house. Week favorable in love matters.


The week has mixed results for health. Some can be affected by back and calf pain. Exercise and practice yoga. Working employees will get better than usual results. You will feel motivated and complete your work in time as well as improve relationships with seniors. Business people in partnership can earn good profits. Favorable results in love life. Likely to charm partner. Planets in the 10th house will help working people to fulfill their pending and new tasks. .

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