To welcome positive energies

We all are surrounded by negative and positive vibes. Sometimes we can't see what is coming to us but we have the ability to feel what's going within us. Vastu astrology is the way to balance negative and positive energies in structure.

Advance Vastu course is a concise course that provides a golden opportunity to start generating promising results in every field. The course lets you know deeply the origin & development of Scientific Indian Vastu and the use of a scientific compass. You will get to know about it from the core, the sensitive areas of a workplace like the plot shape, filling voids, right place for the working, table and chair placement, and more.

How does it transform the energies of your space?

Vastu, the 5000 years old science of architecture, has a strong impact on our lives. The energies and vibes of any land depends on the horoscope of the owner. Vastu offers a strong foundation for bringing positivity to the home environment, wealth, and ensures good health all around.

Asttrolok is one of the biggest online Vedic Institutes that believes in liberating the mind, body, and soul, with its all-new offering; the 'Vastu' course to optimize the existing positive energies of surroundings. Every session with Asttrolok adds up to enhance your complete learning & understanding to boost your overall insight into the Indian science of Architecture.

Dr. Narendra Umrikar

Experience -

Dr. Narendra Umrikar is an internationally acclaimed Indian Vaastu Astrologer and holds an M.Phil degree holder in Vaastu Shashtra from renowned Open International University for Complementary Medicines, Being a member of the Insititute of Vedic Vaastu & Research Foundation, Indore, he has been setting up the pillar for more than 16 years.

What will you Learn?

How impactful this course is for you

  • For prosperity and happiness, personal Vastu should match with the horoscope of an individual.
  • Attract positive cosmic energies around you.
  • Keeps your relationships strong.
  • It harmonize with nature's energy.
  • Incomparable benefits to your living space.

What you will Get?

Explainer Videos

Printable Notes

Discussion Group

Practical Assignments


Teacher Support


Asttrolok is one of the tops and trusted Vedic Science Academy that offers a complete learning package for beginners to advance level. All the courses are available in the form of workshops, LIVE & Video courses and one can get the knowledge that liberates from anywhere-everywhere.
Vastu Shastra is a highly promising future worldwide as a career. An extensive number of people are benefitted from the application and awareness of Vastu principles. As a result, there is an increasing demand for professional and reliable experts in the domain and it would be a wise decision for anyone thinking of becoming a professional Vastu consultant.
Online astrology classes will be held on an app called Zoom. We will provide you Zoom meeting Id from which you can connect to the live class. Zoom has both audio & video features where you can speak your doubt.
The entire online astrology course will be covered in 7 days, including assignments, practicals, and exams.
There is no qualification required. Anybody can do this course who has the interest to learn astrology and build a career as a professional astrologer.
We provide classes twice a week, and that will be on the weekend, either Friday-Saturday or Saturday-Sunday.
We provide video recordings after every class, which you can watch later. You will get lifetime access to all the recordings.
We will provide you an entire study material that will help you a lot. Our study material includes ppt & video recordings.
Study material (PPT & VIDEO) will be provided online through mail or WhatsApp.
We give all the video recordings and notes which you can access for a lifetime.
You can ask all your doubt in between classes. There will be a WhatsApp group too, in which you can drop your question, and we will contact you asap with the answer.
Yes, we conduct practicals to make our students more perfect, as well as you need to submit assignments during the course.
After every course, we give a month for preparation then, an online exam will be there, which is mandatory to attend to get certified in astrology.
Yes, the certificate will be given without any extra cost. There will be a certification ceremony in the institute else we will send it through courier.
Yes, you can pay the fee in 2 installments. Installment should be paid in a particular time frame.
One can easily enroll for the course at Asttrolok in simple steps. Simply choose the course of your interest, get the complete learning package details, and click on enroll. With easy and safe transactions you can enroll yourself successfully.

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