Horoscope Analysis of Cancer June 22 – July 22

Horoscope Analysis of Cancer June 22 - July 22

The person born under this period needs to feel secure. They keep their financial affairs to themselves. They map out their future in the smallest details. They choose their partners with utmost care and can spend a long time looking for the right one. But once they have found the right person, they look no further. Most celebrate golden marriage anniversaries. According to Vedic astrology Cancer people change careers reluctantly, only when it’s clear that their current employment offers no prospects got the achievement. They are guided by their feelings. Once they allow someone into their inmost circle, they will remain true to that person without reservation. It is, however, difficult for them to share their sorrows and anxiety with others. They keep their feeling bottled up and, for that reason are porn to the stomach and intestinal diseases. They got so caught up in their private grief that they take refuge in a world of fantasy and daydream. They need praise and encouragement or, they can feel blocked. But surprisingly people who are born with cancers can also display considerable ambition. This can help them overcome the low self-esteem that stems from loving in a world that values. Only money and position.


Emerald:- Emerald provides Cancer with stability and alleviates mood swings. Its deep green reflects life’s meaningfulness. It absorbs negative vibrations and protects against them.

Moonstone:- This gemstone teaches Cancerian people that one makes progress only by striving for the highest ideals. It forces them to stop daydreaming.

Aventurine:- Aventurine can bring Cancerian people peace in heart and mind. When caught in the turbulence of their powerful emotion, they can find solace and calm in green aventurine.

Chalcedony:- The milky white, silver variety is the best for Cancerian people. It is especially helpful when they feel like retreating into their shell and can’t find a way to share their feelings with others. It also helps them fight off negative influences so that when it feels like the world is closing in on them, they can regain their creativity and break free of the bonds that imprison them.

Jade:- Jade gives Cancerian people the confidence to trust in their feelings. A bit of jade kept in the locket as a touchstone will provide a sense of security in difficult situations.

Opal:- Opal impresses upon Cancerian people that he is entitled to his feelings. This allows him to find a way through difficulties. It supports his striving for harmony.

Pearl:- Because of their luster and smoothness, pearls are natural symbols of beauty and perfection. They confer wisdom and sincerity on Cancer, helping to guard against danger. They also provide contentment in old age moderate mood swings.

Olivine:- the Cancerian people who are beset by the anxiety and depression that come holding too much inside should turn to olivine. it is also effective in treating skin disease and metabolic disorders.

Chrysoprase:- Chrysoprase has a calming effect on Cancers. It helps them reach a balance between the conscious and unconscious spheres. It encourages them to strive for harmony and depends on their ability to connect with others.

Chrysocolla:- The gemstone gives cancer people serenity and tolerance and stimulates both intuition and imagination. It is an antidote against the poison of hate and anger. It helps its possessor see that the world is a beautiful place. Its benign influence will enrich the lives of those born under the sign of the crab.

Carnelian:- Carnelian channels the earth’s magnetism. It can aid cancer people who feel abandonment and loss particularly keenly. It teaches him that nature is constantly changing and that nothing in the universe can standstill.

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