I was only wondering how people with this placement cope because it is not easy dealing with this placement. Ketu in 12th house can make one seek retreat in isolation, people with this placement have a lot to give to the world, the only way for them to regain their strength is through separation or isolation from others, this way they can control their powers and find answers to the deeper or hidden things of this world.

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They are spiritual travelers who have traveled from far to join us on earth, so they are not like most of us. These are people who can travel or journey while asleep to another world, these people show interest in things above like they always looking at the sky as if they have friends there, these are people who love to associate themselves to things in which an ordinary human will shy away from or ignore, things like death activities, ghost, mortuary or visiting places of such. They can foresee things about to come and they can also connect with their past life through dreams or some psychic feelings.

They possess deep intuition which is capable of seeing what others cannot see, due to their high energy of Ketu in 12th house they mostly suffer from mood swings in which only through isolation can they recover. People with this placement tend to feel with every part of their body, it is as if their body is open to lots of energies, at worst this placement can produce a ruthless person using his great spiritual powers for evil, people with this placement are either born in a foreign land which may be different from their mother or father’s homeland or they may visit and relocate to a foreign place early or late in life and die in a foreign land.

At worst this placement can also give several troubles in jail, imprisonment and court case situations.

There are lots of things about Ketu in 12th but these are some of the things that is common with people having this placement.

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