The airy zodiac sign is movable and with a symbol of weighing scale representing Balance, Harmony and Lower Abdomen.

Sympathetic, cooperative, sociable, good in public relations, of sound judgment, diplomatic, intuitive, inspirational, constructive, creative, dynamic, good organizing, good power of concentration, intellectual, adaptable, courteous, charming, of pleasant nature, affectionate, popular amongst friends, loving comfort and conveniences, fond of beauty, art, music, artistically inclined, refined, fond of dresses and jewelry, likely to be of medical profession. These are all the traits of Libra ascendant.


With the effect of lord of lagna being venus, native will be fair complexioned with large beautiful eyes, tall in height, attractive, youthful appearance, sweet smile, parrot like nose and round oval face. Overall, of good features.


With much to do with government servants and officers, libra ascendants will lead mostly a public life with financial and social success. They do not hurt others and are popular.  Natives are mostly musicians, salesmen, architects, teachers, lawyers and doctors. And ofcourse government servants and government officers.

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There is a gain for the libra ascendant due to the goodwill of affectionate and influential people or associates. Therefore, keeping a check on their emotions is must for them lest they go out of bounds and allow things to go out of hand. Too much familiarity is not good. At the same time, being of liberal nature, they should get fooled and form a habit of forgiving but not forgetting.


  • Chitra:  Owned by Mars
  • Swati : Owned by Rahu
  • Vishaka  : Owned by Jupiter


  •   Ascendant of Libra is ruled by Venus and next sign is scorpio ruled by mars. Previous sign is ruled by mercury (virgo) so libra sign is sandwiched between mercury and mars . Fourth house Lord Capricorn (10th aspect ) is on lagna and seventh house lord mars seventh aspect is on lagna. There are obstacles and problems in childhood as far as health is concerned, and again later on.
  • Second house is ruled by mars sandwiched between Venus lagna lord and the third house lord Jupiter of Sagittarius sign. They speak sweetly because Venus is on one side and Jupiter on the other side.
  • Third house ruled by Jupiter and mars second house lord on one side and fourth house lord Saturn is another side. Third house is between two malefic plants – mars and Saturn.  Lesser courage is the result.
  • Fourth house ruled by Capricorn (Saturn) and the previous sign Sagittarius (Jupiter) and the next sign is Aquarius ruled by Saturn. Seventh aspect of the moon on the fourth house.Generally good mothers but some issues between son and mother.
  • Fifth house is ruled by Aquarius sign (Shani) and previous fourth house lord is also Shani.  Sixth house lord is Jupiter. Sun, eleventh lord aspect, is on fifth house (Aquarius). They have good talented children but not so great luck. They want power and authority.
  • Sixth house is ruled by Jupiter (Pisces sign) and previous house lord is Shani (Aquarius), and mars (Aries sign) lord of the seventh house (next house). Jupiter is not considered  good planet in thulalagna, and being lord of sixth house, debts and enemies may be an issue.
  • Seventh house lord is mars (Aries sign)and previous house lord (sixth house) is Jupiter (Pisces sign) with eighth house lord being Venus (Taurus sign). There could be issues in marriage due to haste.
  • Eighth house lord is Venus (Taurus sign) and previous seventh house lord is mars and the next ninth house lord is mercury (Gemini sign). Aspect of mars (Scorpio sign ) from the second house is on the eighth  house – the house of longevity.  The house (eighth) is therefore protected. The house has lots of malefic energy in it and kalpurushkundli eighth house is ruled by Scorpio sign.
  •  Mercury (Gemini sign) rules the ninth house. Previous house (eighth) lord is Venus (Taurus sign). The next tenth house lord is moon (cancer sign). Natives come from very respectable families but issues in paternal inheritance.
  • Tenth house lord is moon (cancer sign). Ninth house lord is mercury and the eleventh house lord is sun (Surya). So the moon is between mercury and sun. Ascendants are in the healing profession due to moon. Possibly legal profession can be adopted or dealt with too.
  • Eleventh house sign is of Leo sign – Sun (Surya). Tenth house was moon and twelfth house is mercury (Virgo sign). Sun is Bhadhakesh also because in char lagna eleventh house lord is considered as a Bhadhakesh. Lord Venus is the lagna lord, but Bhadhakesh is not considered a friend of Venus. Income may not be commensurate with efforts of the native.
  • Twelfth house lord is mercury (Virgo sign) and previous house lord is sun with next first house being Venus. Natives may try to live beyond means. They enjoy life but also donate plentiful.

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Mala Chatterjeee

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