Rahu And Ketu’s Best Position In HOROSCOPE

rahu & ketu position in birth chart

Rahu & Ketu's Best Placement in Birth Chart

Best Placement for Rahu

Traits like dissatisfaction, unorthodoxy, desire, craving, lust, mysterious things, insanity explosion, corruption, politics — all represent RAHU which also acts as an amplifier. Rahu’s importance is your stubbornness for the completion of desire irrespective of how it is fulfilled. Native’s non-traditional and unorthodox activities are due to Rahu which also insists on gratification. Rahu’s position in any house or with the lord of any house shows deep attachment with the area covered by that house. For example, Rahu in the fourth house denotes the native’s desire for luxury and comfort. Similarly, in the fifth house, the native has a deep desire towards children.

Rahu is exalted in Taurus and debilitated in Scorpio. Mooltrikon’s sign is Virgo. Rahu gives good results in upchaya houses of the third, sixth, tenth, and eleventh. Rahu is good in earthy signs as well as airy signs of Taurus, Gemini, Libra, Virgo, Capricorn, and Aquarius. Rahu is Karaka of a foreign land, and Rahu in any house of birth chart denotes native is going through Rahu Mahadasha and is likely to travel abroad for job or leisure travel.

Rahu in the third house:

In the third house makes native courageous, brave, hard-working, of the strong conscious mind, intelligent, showing off, good in communication.

Rahu in the sixth house:

This is the house of debt, enemies, disputes. Rahu removes obstacles, debts, enemies and improves mental strength, disciplined routine, success. Native desires to work hard and fight all to win over and overwhelm enemies, Therefore ultimately successful.

Rahu in the tenth house:

 A very powerful house for Rahu. Makes native famous, big in politics with lots of followers. A person reaches a high position in a career with ample opportunities to earn from foreign lands. Success in any unorthodox profession is foreseen. Orthodox professions like doctors, engineers will not be successful whereas unorthodox professions like astrologers will be.

Rahu in the eleventh house:

In this house, Rahu makes native ambitious, lots of material desires, good earnings, awards, fame, supportive spouse. However strained relationships with seniors will not be so good. Neither for elder siblings.

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Best Placement for Ketu

Known as the Headless Planet or Dragon’s Tail, Ketu is always present with us. The headless portion of the body is Ketu while the head is Rahu. Ketu’s effect on us is always present, good or bad. Monks and Sadhus have a head mass of tangled hair representing Ketu. This is also the crown chakra, which everybody has, representing moksha, enlightenment, freedom from bonds of desire, and the material world. Ketu therefore also represents moksha. If Ketu is strong, Rahu automatically gives good results. Great heights can be achieved with positive changes when the placement of Ketu is good.

Ketu gives good results in the third, sixth, eighth, ninth, eleventh, and twelfth houses.

Ketu in the third house:

Ketu behaves like mars in the third house giving good results. Amazingly good results come from mars being the main karaka. Native is hard-working, normally inclined to do a lot of work. No siblings are indicated. Ketu magnifies results when it is placed in the benefic planets of Jupiter, Venus, Mercury in their sign in the third house. The magnification is almost five times making native successful in life.

Ketu in the sixth house:

 It’s a house of debt. enemies, disease. However, natives will emerge victoriously and will be protected from enemies & gain victory over them. Good health and longevity are foreseen.

Ketu in the eighth house:

Being the house of moksha and spirituality, the eighth house leads natives to seek secrets of occult science as well as spirituality. Though there are good results, Ketu may also bring out the sudden rise and sudden downfall. A sudden increase in wealth, at the same time possibility of struggles, accidents, and misery.

Ketu in the ninth house:

In this house, the native is hardworking, and, with Ketu in good sign, unlocking is possible — of fate and fortune. The native will also take part in various religious activities.

Ketu in the eleventh house:

Lots of wealth is foreseen. Ketu is in a good position and there is the chance of earning wealth from various sources thereby a monetarily happy time for the native. The eleventh house generally gives good results from all planets. Planets like Venus, Jupiter, Mercury in their sign in the house, and with Ketu, give amazing wealth to the native.

Ketu in the twelfth house:

 The house of spirituality is also associated with losses, hospitals, isolation, expenditure and, moksha. While not a good house, Ketu here gives good results. It gives moksha. Being in the house of moksha, Ketu is strong and the native is spiritual, helping the society, donating, and helping. Also, the foreign land trip is foreseen. The native is also a visionary being able to understand the future.

When Ketu gives good results, it gives in massive amounts and lots of comfort, wealth. Native would receive lots of fame, success, power, responsibility, wealth. Ketu signifies in these houses sudden success in life.

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