How consulting an Astrologer can help you achieve real professional growth?

Why we should consult an astrologer when choosing career

ASTTROLOK | Astrology is very reliable for every aspect of life when practiced correctly, and consulting with knowledgeable and well-experienced Astrologers would be a great decision. You would be guided well, and make you knowledgeable regarding your future life happenings, what is foreseen for you, and how you should deal with it.

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Hence, Astrology predicts career prospects as well accurately in the areas of :

Astrology helps you predict your core strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats (SWOT analysis) based on which the identification of correct and proper career path is possible. For example, if your chart says mercury is dominant, native is likely to excel in communications, business deals, orating as an author, networking, media, logistics, and more.

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Astrology also predicts the dasha sequence which communicates regarding the upcoming period. If mercury is dominant, there can be a seven-year period of Ketu Mahadasha where mercury’s effect is of no use. As a result, natives without knowing this issue, will leave the current field and search for a new career option, which may not be suitable as per their competence. However, the knowledge of such an issue makes a native keep a low profile for seven years after which he/she can again rise in the same field.

Astrology also tells us about the goods and bad in a career and its linking to other surrounding aspects of life such as spouse, income, wealth, local or overseas career.

The availability of fields of career is abundant. Basic guidance in career choices is available in old and new texts but a good Astrologer will know about the modern professions and also use natives’ horoscopes to understand such career paths.

Consulting an Astrologer, therefore, helps natives to gain guidance, clues, and hints regarding the career choices and which career path would be best suited by proper analysis of birth charts with the help of a competent Astrologer.

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Written by Mala Chatterjee

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