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Everything in the universe is correlated with one another. Vedic Science is the study of that correlation between the heavenly bodies and events happening on the Earth. It's a combination of energy patterns & scientific knowledge.

Asttrolok is one of the biggest online Institutes offering extensive learning modules in the field of Astrology, Palmistry, Vastu, Yoga, Ayurveda, Numerology & Scriptures. These special courses are meant to get the most valuable cultural & traditional inheritance available to people across the globe.

Where Science Meets Tradition

Asttrolok was established by the World Renowned Astrologer Mr. Alok Khandelwal with an idea to spread the concept of Super Science with fact-based learning beyond all myths. The programs here, teach Vedic Science with a modern touch for a better learning experience.

With the promise of making your learning at Asttrolok, remarkable, under the guidance of experts having decades of unmatched experience, we teach with LEARN ANYWHERE-EVERYWHERE approach using an online platform.

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Extensive, Effective & DYNAMIC PROGRAMS

Do your level best by leveling up with our personal growth programs ergonomically designed to suit your passion with an absolute online learning experience in the form of video courses, live courses, and periodic workshops.


Consultations with RENOWNED EXPERTS

Time to say goodbye to all worries. Our experts are always there to take all your worries and guide you to walk through all the possible ways. Get a consultation with our renowned experts, who are internationally acclaimed in their respective domains.



Indulging yourself in insightful sessions with people from all around the world. Hundreds of students have already benefited from our programs and are practicing professionally.

The Leading Team

Asttrolok is proud to have a team of renowned experts in their different fields. The mentors have transformed hundreds of lives with their remarkable knowledge and guidance.

Mr. Alok Khandelwal

Founder & World Renowned Astrologer

Dr. Sagar Patwardhan

Palmistry Expert

Mrs. Riddika Panchal

Numerology Expert

Mrs. Priyanka Ghode

Numerology Expert

Dr. Milan Solanki

Ayurveda Doctor & Faculty

Dr. Narendra Umrikar

Vastu Specialist

Our Courses

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Learn the language of stars.

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Learn how, fortunately, the numbers are connected to life incidents.

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Future lies in lines of your hand.

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A new foundation to shape your life.

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Sync with Ayurveda, Sync with Life.

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1000+ Enrollment

Asttrolok has great numbers of enrollment since 2017 and counting. The organisation is growing everyday with the addition of active learners and some of them have now become a part of the organisation as panelists who are now professionally offering their knowledge.

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Revathi Shridhar


I have been learning Astrology from Alok Sir for the past five months. It has been a very inspiring journey as Alok Sir has a very broad and wide knowledge of Vedic Science. It is a very heartening fact that while learning Astrology, we are also developing ourselves to be humble.

Swagat Chakraborty


My search for my Guru ended when I met Alok Khandelwal ji at Asttrolok. The amount of knowledge and its simplistic delivery by him to teach us has been excellent. The Astromani course has answered all my questions with logic and I would highly recommend Astrolok and Alok Khandelwal sir.

Dipak Samtani


It's really great experience to learn from Alok sir. His explanation method is so simple that anyone can understand it easily. It's said "guru bin gyan adhura" I had a little bit of knowledge of astrology but learning under Alok sir made my concepts more clear. Also, it was my first wonderful experience learning online.

Anurag Kedia


Alok ji's knowledge is unparallel, but even more valuable is his ability to communicate complex concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. Clearly one of the best teachers for Astrology!

Hemant Mudgal


"I believe in grabbing the knowledge that simplifies the complicated concepts and Asttrolok is the perfect place to get the knowledge that liberates with #SimplifiedAstrology.

Renu Joshi


My perspective towards life has changed after meeting Alok Sir. I just started my Astrological journey and blessed to walk on his footprints.

Mala Chatterjee


"Teaching at Asttrolok is flawless and factual. You'll automatically develop the feeling of spirituality.

Thakur Prasad Das


I really cam to know about various facts and mythological stories which helps me to understand Vedic Astrology in a very acurate and productuve way. Nobody should not miss the opportunity to get guidance under Alok Sir.

Bijay Meher


Proud to a student of Asttrolok. Alok sir is an excellent teacher I've seen in my life.

Shreya Ranawat


I am extremely grateful that I got to learn from Alok Sir. He has made this tough subject simple with his teaching methods. Astrology has made my life happy and peaceful.

Flexible Learning At Your Doorstep

Video courses are best for those who don't like to confine their learning. Buy our video courses now & watch them at your convenience to experience the freedom, unlike traditional teaching.