August Horoscope 2021: Monthly Astrological Prediction

August 2021 Horoscope

August 2021 Horoscope Predictions for all Zodiac Signs


With Jupiter, the planet of excess, racing through native’s opposite sign, you must necessarily sit still. Finding a companion to share experience, could be the solution. Though there will be great temptation to shop during the month, gently resist the urge to open your purse for every trifling thing you see.


With Mars moving through your sign, you will have plenty to do by the end of the day. You will be enthusiastic to achieve something great and have patience in any unfavorable situation. A handy instrument with this issue in mind could be the purchase of training shoes or boxing gloves to drain out your frustration. You will progress and transform as the month moves on.


You are likely to be preoccupied with achieving a certain goal with perfection without having any preplan for that. At this time the best policy is to uplift yourself, let your instincts take over, and guide you. Your general health and vitality should be in excellent shape. However, present conditions make you inclined towards taking it over easily. With the help of some extra exercise, top up your inner confidence and assurance. Get your free Astrology Course and start learning online.


Saturn’s strict influence is now being out of your sphere, life will take you to a lighter and more enjoyable time zone. You can relax and find fun things in your routine. You don’t need to give up on your desires, as the planet of communication, Mercury will be back in your sign that will bring an offer to come around once again.


It’s time for slow and steady steps as the planet of slow progress, Saturn is in your sign. Even if desires and ideal image seem far away, and impossible to reach, you will still attain these if you step up to the work and accept the challenge. Your proper exercise program and eating habits may go by the board, to make your day full of duties and avoid distractions. After the 17th, you are more dedicated and forward-looking to yourself.


The fun planets of Venus and Mars are sitting happily together and it is a great month for you, especially if you are dressing up to look good. Your willpower will be at the highest and your fitness consciousness will surely give you good results. A slower and sensible approach will give you better long-term results.


On the 17th, Venus will enter your sign and all social graces are yours. Your instincts are to remain at work and keep an eye on all necessities as it’s an excellent time to get noticed and appreciated. However, try not to overdo it. With Mercury going forward once again on the 16th, you may have an inspiration and a clearer idea of how you want to appear.


Through August 21, there would be important planetary changes in the top half of your chart. You are looking for a more professional approach and image to impress someone at work. It is important to appear sober but do not get drawn too far into the superficial exercises and take care not to go overboard that affects your image. Light a candle daily being between your partner & yourself and each take five minutes to speak what’s on the minds of each other. Know more secrets of Astrology.


One of the most powerful times of the year, and a turning point for your tactics. Huge potent action brews as Jupiter, the current ruler, is in an auspicious aspect to Saturn especially mid-month. It is an auspicious moment when God is on your side so, act courageously and consciously.


All work and no play Capricorn makes you a good provider but also exhausts you at home. With a ruler in a good relationship to Jupiter, especially mid-month, you can move to diffuse tensions. If your home and family life has suffered due to work pressure, restore the connection with your children, partner, family, and friends. It’s a favorable time for vacations and gatherings.


August’s last week is a good time to reevaluate from a higher perspective. Reconnect to your dreams, visions, and, practice your ‘Spiritual Sadhna’. Reaffirm and restore the intentions you had six months ago. Reinforce this intention from August 8, through August 22, watch the magic happen.


For Pisces, this is the most revealing cycle of the year. The planetary combination acts like a spotlight, making it easier for you to discern between the materialistic dense, the technologically abstract world, and the subtle world of intuition, dreams, and symbols. If you have felt spiritually isolated this is the time to try and get connected. You have a great ability to draw meaning out of your dreams and see your life from a more spiritual aspect.

Mala Chatterjee