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 Asttrolok | In Vedic astrology, Mars plays an important role in denoting action, the ability for decisions, and dynamism. A fierce planet represents energy and vigor. According to Kalpurush Kundalini, Mars is the lord of the first & eighth house and rules the Zodiac signs of Aries and Scorpio. A significator of property, land, house, and electrical devices, Mars also represents partner in girls’ charts, and, constructive & destructive energy. Sun, Moon, and Jupiter are friends whereas Mercury and Rahu are enemies. Mars is neutral towards Saturn and Ketu.

For Aries Moon Sign: For Aries moon sign, mars is the lord of the first and eighth house transiting in the fourth house of comfort, mother, property, construction. The native will perform well in his/her field. Keep your mind calm. Promotion is expected. Having aspects in the seventh and eleventh house too, jobs are available. Career, name, and fame are also expected. In the fourth house transit, take good care of your mother. Some discord with a spouse is indicated. Lack of peace will be present. Property dealings should be managed carefully, and better still, postpone for some time. Heart ailments should be taken care of.

Remedy: A square piece of silver must be kept with you at all times.

For Taurus Moon Sign: Here Mars is the lord of the twelfth house and seventh house and transiting in the third house of great courage. Stress and tension in work life, tight supervision of work, is indicated in office but tenth house’s positive aspect will see favorable growth including a possible promotion. Good results financially, progress in business by own efforts likely. Mars is the lord of the twelfth house and expenses will increase. Chances of arguments with younger siblings due to Mars transiting in the third house. Younger siblings are likely to suffer during the period while you may suffer some blood-related issues and need precaution.

Remedy: Keep an ivory article with you or wear a silver ring on your left hand.

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For Gemini Moon Sign: Mars is the lord of the sixth and eleventh houses transiting in the second house of wealth, family, savings, values, speech. Do not hurt anyone with action or words during this period. Unnecessary expenses will lead to a shortage of funds. With the aspect of mars in the eighth house, could result in profits in wealth and property, of your in-laws. Lending money and taking loans are to be avoided. Job problems are indicated. Pressure from peers and competitors is expected. Be careful while driving vehicles and, also of health.

Remedy: Donate pomegranates to the poor.

For Cancer Neon Sign: Mars is the ruling planet of the fifth and tenth house transiting in the first house of behavior, health, self-knowledge, and beauty. You remain stressed for some reasons and aggressive since you are impulsive. Control your anger. Professionally with regard to money and growth in your profession, you shall be in a favorable position. Success in love and relationships are expected. Also a favorable time for students. Good time for lottery and gambling. Mixed feelings concerning children. Remain cautious as there are chances of accidents while driving or even walking due to the eighth aspect of mars on the eighth house.

Remedy: Avoid accepting things for free or in charity.

For Leo Moon Sign: Lord of the fourth and ninth house mars in transiting in the twelfth house of foreign land and gains, expenses, spirituality, and salvation. You may face uncertainties and work stress. Therefore new risks in business and big investments should be avoided. Travel to foreign countries for higher education is expected. Ill health will increase expenses. The spouse’s health and your married life need care. Disputes and arguments to be avoided as support from seniors are missing. Ailments such as insomnia, stomach issues, tensions, etc are foreseen.

Remedy: Offer devotion to ancestors.

For Virgo Moon Sign: Lord of the third and eighth houses, mars is transiting in the eleventh house of income and desires. Not favorable in the house of cancer, natives may face negative impacts. Some mental worries would occur due to expenses and the need for financial requirements. Be stable in your job and do not try for a new one. Do not make heavy investments. Likelihood of discord with a partner. Faithfulness to partner is advised.

Remedy: Auspicious results likely from the donation of red flowers and copper.

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For Libra Moon Sign: Mars is ruling lord of the second and seventh house transiting in the tenth house of career and fame. You will stay focused and on your job. Luck will not support you. Pressure and stress at work are likely due to Mars in cancer, adverse effect on career and or business is expected. Average financial position. Check on expenses required. Some difficulties in relationships but new relationships will bring happiness. To avoid discord married people should put in extra effort and relationship. The health of self and spouse will be generally average. Junk food to be avoided.

Remedy: Offer wheat and gram on Shivling on Tuesdays.

For Scorpio Moon Sign: Here Mars is in the first and sixth house transiting in the ninth house of religion, mentor, luck, long journeys. Physical and mental stress and lack of luck’s support will make the native rely on own skill and abilities. Financial problems will be resolved. Hard work required. Relationship with father and his health is likely to deteriorate. Opponents are likely to cause concern with them trying to tarnish your image. Be careful, avoid activities that may spoil your image. Practice meditation and Yoga.

Remedy: Jaggery and Rice to be offered at the religious place(s).

For Saggitarius Moon Sign: Lord of the fifth and twelfth house and transiting in the eighth house of occult studies, sudden loss or gain, inheritance. With the knowledge of right and wrong, one will have to be very careful at every step. While spending only on essentials, you are likely to go on long journeys, personal or work-oriented. Loans are a struggle. Differences will be resolved through proper communication. Cautiousness in health is advised as ailments are going to happen.

Remedy: Give sweet bread prepared on mud oven to two dogs, and, if possible have meals in the kitchen itself.

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For Capricorn Moon Sign: Lord of the fourth and eleventh house transiting in the seventh house of marriage, partnership. Strife in marital relationships, business partnerships. Marriages will be delayed and problems in business relationships. With the aspect of mars on the second house, financially average period with difficulty in living up to expectations. Difficulty in maintaining a lifestyle. The aspect of Mars in the second house. Healthwise take care of yourself and your spouse as UTI and stomach problems are likely. Be careful of what you eat and drink. Proper exercise is required. Diet control is necessary.

Remedy: Donate Jaggery on Tuesdays.

For Aquarius Moon Sign: Mars here is the lord of the third and tenth house transiting in the sixth house of debt, disease, and enemies. Conflicts or debates with co-workers are avoidable, so care should be taken when dealing with seniors. Anger to be avoided. With the aspect of mars on the twelfth house, sudden expenses may occur, and as such unnecessary expenses should be avoided. Tense married life will require clarity and communication with a spouse. Minor ailments are expected. Proper exercise is advised.

Remedy: Donate sandalwood on Tuesdays.

For Pisces Moon Sign: Mars is in the second and ninth house transiting if the fifth house of education, children, love, and romance. Health problems of children are indicated as well as their difficulty in focusing on studies. Check on a child is most necessary as they may get into bad company. Professionally obstructions and confrontations are indicated. With the period not good for taking major steps and in relationships, some problems in this regard are possible. Stomach ailments and minor issues can occur. Take good care of your health.

Remedy: Worship Lord Hanuman and offer vermillion to him.

written by Mala Chatterjee

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